"We are most pleased with our freshly landscaped garden. After interrogating our needs, Stephanie prepared easily understandable plans and planting arrangements which we could visualise without quibble. The landscaping and planting could not have been simpler and was delivered very quickly and clearly planned well"

M.Croft, Meysey Hampton

Our Approach

While our ideal project follows all elements from design, to construction and then maintenance, we are happy to offer each service individually to meet your personal landscaping needs. The garden is a place where families congregate, children play and parents relax. Uniquely, this makes them a living, breathing extension of our homes. It is our job to listen to your ideas, needs and garden inspiration and give it the same creative energy as the inside of your home.

No job is too small for us and we can work within most budgets so please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. From here we will set up an appointment and listen to you and advice accordingly – there is no charge for consultations. Once we know what you are looking for we will provide options – for example some gardens are done in phases. We will then give you a quotation and explain the time span from start to completion.

Communication is key in any business relationship so we welcome questions and involvement.

We work for you and we pride ourselves on our reputation so you, our client are very important to us.

"We would highly recommend Stephanie for any landscaping project you may have in mind."
S.Brown, Alberton, SA

Example Projects

The Prince of Wales

The following are pictures of the project undertaken in May of 2014. The location is the Prince of Wales Hotel on the busy A38 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England. This Hotel is constantly busy and is in an amazingly central location. SJ Flowers and Landscaping met with Melanie who is the Hotel Manager and she explained what she was looking for. Melanie's main problem was lack of colour and she really needed plants that did not require a lot of watering.

The project took us four weeks to complete. The entrance of the hotel already had brick planters so we decided to fill these with seasonal flowers and place hanging baskets there as well as on the front walls of the hotel. From the dining room the guests overlook the vast lawns and flower beds so this is where we set about bringing more colour to the garden. This garden is a typical country garden so our aim was to compliment the style. The trees were slightly pruned and country type flowers added to the beds. The plants that were already there were thinned out to allow for better conditions to enable further growth.

SJ Flowers and Landscaping made use of what was already in the garden and added to this by planting over 500 seasonal bedding plants.



SJ Flowers and Landscaping made use of what was already in the garden and added to this by planting over 500 seasonal bedding plants.

SJ Flowers and Landscaping felt more structured plants were required in some of the flower beds and added shrubs such as Cordyline Aust and other various colours of the same shrub. We used a number of Nandina Domestica shrubs as we wanted to take advantage of the ever changing colours of this shrub as the seasons change; from the red berries to the bright red leaves in the winter.

SJ Flowers and Landscaping took advantage of the wonderful trees already well established in the garden and placed hanging baskets under them. This allowed us to give colour to otherwise dark areas and the filtered sunlight is sufficient for these plants. During wet weather the droplets from the trees prevent the baskets from drying out. Melanie was very pleased with the results of the project and both Melanie and her team made this a very pleasurable task.

SJ Flowers and Landscaping have had many positive and inspiring comments from the local people who frequent the Hotel and also from the guests, many of whom have stayed at this Hotel many times before. With a garden of this size it will always be 'work in progress' and we feel very privileged to have been asked to continue with the maintenance of these gardens. It is with pleasure that we have accepted and will continue to take great pride in the fact that we are representing The Prince of Wales Hotel when tending to the gardens and hope that the guests will enjoy the grounds during their stay.

other Before and After Projects

This is the Before pictures of a small Townhouse garden. It had a lot of plants in it and was too overcrowded. It also had an irrigation system which no longer worked and was beyond repair.  SJ Flowers and Landscaping met with Jane, the owner of the property to discuss her requirements.She did not like the conifers in the garden or the water feature. She said she used a lot of Herbs and would like a variety of those. She was basically looking for a good tidy up and more structure. Although Jane enjoys her garden, as a busy working mother she no longer had the time to spend maintaining it.

Sj Flowers and Landscaping set about removing the unwanted conifers, many of which were diseased. The water feature was removed and an ornamental metal bike put in place. The bike had space for a trailing bedding plant to front and rear and therefore giving plenty of colour.  The existing plants were thinned out and cut right back and edging pavers had been put in place to define the border edge. 

SJ Flowers and Landscaping used the undercover patio and path area to put numerous pots filled with fragrant Herbs. These were placed next to the wood sleepers that marked the path.SJ Flowers and Landscaping planted a climbing pink Rose to the rear of the garden and this was the focal point from the seating area. This Rose flowers for ten months of the year so is a valuable addition. Lastly, SJ Flowers and Landscaping replaced the old irrigation system with a new one.Jane was very happy with her garden which was easy maintenance and a pleasure for her and her family to sit in.

Jane was a true inspiration to me and truly a wonderful lady. 



This was a lovely project for SJ Flowers and Landscaping and again wonderful clients. Sue and Alan had not long moved into this stunning Tuscan style double storey townhouse. The garden was not a large one and had lots of long strips. The house itself had small windows looking out to the side of the garden. Sj Flowers and Landscaping decided to use the windows as a photo frame and planted miniature lolipop trees so as not to block out the light but rather add colour.

Alan and Sue wanted something that was easy maintenance but both he and Sue loved to entertain so wanted somewhere where they could sit and barbecue. Alan was also a very good cook and loved using herbs so i decided to make a focal point using herbs. Alan is also a very tidy person and likes the garden to look as immaculate as their beautifully decorated home so SJ Flowers and Landscaping used a very formal design to suit.The house is situated in a complex and the design was very attractive so little was needed except a beautiful bouganvillea.

Please view the pictures above to see how this garden changed from being a blank canvas into a wonderful low maintenance, easy living garden.

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